Family d'Exéa Throughout History

Sérame … an ancient Roman camp:

An agricultural and wine growing site from the first centuries A.D. (remains of Gallo-Roman villas have been discovered.)

Sérame … great seigniory from the 12th to the 18th century:

In 1705, Antoine de Niquet, civil and military engineer, bought the Château de Sérame and made it one of the most important wine estates in the Languedoc.

Sérame … a family story:

The Exéa family originate from Spain and have been managing the Château de Sérame, bought in 1802, for more than 2 centuries. Pierre d'Exéa, a knight renowned for his valour, became attached to Louis of France and fought for him in several wars. The family coat of arms which commemorates these battles is visible on the pediment of the Château.