Our Methods


Certified organic since 2010, we pay particular attention to our vineyards all year-round.

They require pruning from November to March.

During the summer, green work: manual leaf removal, thinning out, disbudding and weeding help to ensure that the future shoots are well-managed and that the grapes are exposed to a maximum amount of sunshine.

At last, the famous grape harvest has arrived!

Our mission is to offer you quality and to ensure that the typicity of each of our wines expresses itself through the different types of soils in our vineyards.

Of course, one cannot dissociate the work in the vineyard from the work that goes on in the cellar. It is the blending of the grape varieties that allows us to develop the complexity of our wines.

Our Cellar Master and our oenologists determine the correct balance between the perceptions of acidity, sugars, fat, tannins, and aromas ... for the maturing of our wines.

Throughout the winter our wines ferment, settle, decant and rest in oak vats and barrels. Then we filter them and bottle them.

Each spring is a sign of renewal, the vines grow again, and we are ready for you to discover our new vintages.