Our Terroir and our Grapes

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Carte des terroirs

We have over 230 ha of exceptional terroirs in Corbières and Minervois on lands with Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée and Pays d'Oc.

Five main terroirs, delimited around a "T", formed by the Aude and the Jourre rivers which cross the Domaine from north to south. A natural circus with more than 30 meters difference in altitude between the highest (parcels of Traverses) and the lowest points.

Terroir 1: Corbières on a 17 ha clay-limestone plateau, crossed by a vein of schist.  This is the most beautiful soil of the Domaine.  

Plots Pégourier et Broutillasses - South, South-West exposure

Grape varieties: Syrah, Grenache, Vermentino, Malbec and Carignan.

Terroir 2: Corbières on  7 ha of clay-limestone hillsides with a gravelly rise.

Plots Traverses and Blanquetière - North-East exposure

Grape Varieties: Syrah, Grenache

Terroir 3: Minervois on gravelly hillsides, which allow a very good drainage and an optimal maturation.

Plots Garigot and Jaquez - Southern exposure

Grape varieties: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre

Terroir 4: White local wines on gravelly and silty soil.

Plot Lagramas - South-West exposure

Grape Varieties: Viognier, Merlot

Terroir 5: Red “Vins de Pays” on clay soil.

Parcel Vieille Tuilerie - South-West exposure

Grape Varieties: Syrah